16 Jan 2018, 00:00

Introducing DropIt

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Tobias one of the Android engineers at Nextcloud. He mentioned how he oftened wanted to just share a file quickly with somebody or just share some text. Basically your own privately hosted pastebin.

This got me thinking about the amount of files that are stored on my Nextcloud that are just sitting there because I wanted to quickly share them with somebody but I forgot to delete them afterwrads. So long story short I decided to spend some time to write a little Nextcloud app that allows you to do this.

So I\’m excited to introduce DropIt to the world. It is available in the app store for Nextcloud 13!

The app ties together a lot of functionality already available in Nextcloud. There is a simple interface to upload your files or text (any help on the UI/UX side is appreciated!). And a cron job that deletes files older than 2 weeks.

So go check it out. And I\’m looking forward to all your pull requests to the github repository.