13 Sep 2016, 00:00

Nextcloud supported PHP Versions

As many of you probably know PHP 7.1 is planned for release at the end of November. As a preparation for this we are already running our test suite against the PHP 7.1 RC1. And we feel confident that Nextcloud 11 will run smoothly on the PHP 7.1 final for all you bleeding-edge sysadmins out there! But if you can’t wait try out the daily.

At the same time we are adding PHP 7.1 to our support matrix we are also saying goodbye to some retired PHP versions. Nextcloud 11 will no longer support PHP 5.4 and 5.5. As you can see in the support matrix both are no longer supported by upstream PHP.

This change in supported PHP versions allows us to start updating several third party dependencies. Which bring bugfixes and (security) improvements. At the same time we could update PHPUnit to take advantage of improvements there.

All in all we feel these changes will allow us to improve our codebase and move Nextcloud forward. Happy hacking!